LV car insurance review | The Independent (2024)

Offering insurance for close to two centuries, LV (stylised as LV=) is a provider offering third party, fire and theft and comprehensive car insurance.

Alongside its motor policies, LV also offers travel insurance, pet insurance, and home insurance. You can even receive a discount if you bundle together your LV home and car insurance.

Read on for our LV car insurance review, including what cover it offers, how to make a claim, and what customers think of its service.

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What car insurance cover is offered by LV?

LV offers two main policies: third party, fire and theft cover, and comprehensive car insurance.

Third party, fire and theft

With LV’s third party, fire and theft insurance, you’ll be covered for:

  • Injuries to other people: if you injure a third party in an accident, your LV car insurance will cover the costs
  • Damage to other people’s property: if you damage someone else’s property in an accident, LV will cover up to £20 million in costs
  • Fire damage: if your car is damaged in a fire, you can make a claim
  • Theft: if your car is stolen or damaged in an attempted theft, you can make a claim with LV
  • Manufacturer-fitted in-car equipment: if any equipment fitted in your car at the time it was made is damaged in a fire or attempted theft, or is stolen, you can get it replaced
  • Aftermarket in-car equipment: if any equipment fitted after your car was made is stolen or damaged in a fire or attempted theft, you can claim up to £1,000
  • European cover: you’ll have the same level of cover you’ve taken out while driving in Europe for up to 180 days
  • Driving other cars: if you are eligible, you can drive other cars with third party cover only


With LV’s comprehensive car insurance, you’ll be covered for everything included with third party, fire and theft, as well as:

  • Accidental damage to your car: if you’re in an accident, you can make a claim with LV comprehensive insurance
  • Manufacturer-fitted in-car equipment: as well as in the event of fire or theft, you can claim for any in-car equipment fitted when your vehicle was made if it is damaged in an accident
  • Aftermarket in-car equipment: you can claim for any in-car equipment fitted after your vehicle was made if it is damaged in an accident, as well as fire and theft, up to £1,000
  • New car replacement: if you car is written off, and it’s less than 12 months old, then LV will provide you with a like-for-like replacement
  • Medical expenses: you can claim up to £250 per injured person following an accident
  • Personal accident: as standard, you have personal accident cover up to £10,000 with LV comprehensive car insurance
  • Road rage: if you, your partner, or any other named drivers are assaulted following a car accident, you can claim up to £500
  • Aggravated theft: if you, your partner, or any other named drivers are assaulted during an aggravated car theft, you can claim up to £500
  • Misfuelling: if you use the wrong fuel in your car, you can claim for it to be drained and flushed, alongside any required engine repairs
  • Windscreen repair: you can claim for both your windscreens and window glass if they need to be repaired
  • Personal belongings: you can claim up to £300 for any personal belongings lost or damaged due to an insured event
  • Onward travel: if you can’t drive your car after an insured event, are more than 25 miles from where you started, and need overnight accommodation, you can claim up to £500 in hotel expenses or alternative transport costs
  • Key cover: you can claim for associated costs if your keys are lost or stolen, as long as they weren’t in your car or the immediate proximity of your vehicle
  • Child car seats: if your car is in an insured event, you can get a replacement child car seat, even if it looks undamaged
  • Uninsured driver promise: if you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver, and it’s not your fault, you won’t have to pay your excess and your no-claims bonus won’t be affected
  • Vandalism promise: if your car is vandalised, you won’t lose your no-claims bonus as long as you report it to the police and provide LV with a crime reference number

Other LV car insurance policies

Alongside its main policies, LV also offers the following:

  • Multi-car insurance: with LV’s multi-car insurance, you’ll save 12.5 per cent on every car you add to your policy
  • Electric car insurance: LV’s comprehensive electric car policy includes recovery if you run out of charge, cover for your charging cable, wall boxes, adaptors and battery in the event of an accident, fire, or theft, and electric charger liability cover in case your cable causes an accident
  • Learner driver insurance: you can add learner driver cover to an existing LV car insurance policy

LV car insurance policies at a glance

Third party, fire and theftComprehensive
Age rangeAllAll
Level of coverThird party, fire and theftComprehensive
Injuries to other peopleYesYes
Damage to other people’s propertyYesYes
Fire damageYesYes
Repairs to your own car following accidentNoYes
Motor legal protectionOptionalOptional
Your medical expensesOptional personal accident cover up to £100,000Up to £250 per injured person; up to £500 for injuries following a ‘road rage’ assault; up to £500 for injuries following aggravated theft; up to £10,000 in personal accident cover; optional increased personal accident limit up to £100,000
Driving other carsYes (if eligible)Yes (if eligible)
Breakdown coverOptionalOptional
Courtesy car coverNo (optional hire car cover)No (optional hire car cover)
Hire car coverOptionalOptional
Windscreen replacementNoYes
Personal belongingsNoUp to £300
Replacement locks and keysNoYes
Protected no-claims bonusOptionalOptional
Cancellation fee£0 (within 14-day cooling-off period); £40 (after 14 days)£0 (within 14-day cooling-off period); £40 (after 14 days)

LV car insurance optional extras

There are a number of optional extras you can add onto your LV car insurance policy, including:

  • Motor legal protection: for £26.99 a year, you can add cover for up to £100,000 in motor legal costs for dealing with an accident that wasn’t your fault
  • Guaranteed hire car cover: with this cover you can get a hire car if your vehicle is at an approved repairer following an accident. For £19.90 a year you can get a small three-door hatchback, while for £29.90 a year you can get a medium family-sized car
  • Extended personal accident cover: you can up your personal accident cover to £100,000 with this add-on
  • Breakdown cover: you can choose from five levels of breakdown cover, starting at £26 a year
  • Protected no-claim discount: if you have four or more years’ worth of no-claims bonus, you can protect your discount, allowing you to make an unlimited number of claims without affecting your bonus

How to claim with LV car insurance

If you need to make a car insurance claim through LV, you should follow these steps:

  • Make sure everyone is okay: this involves checking that you and any passengers are safe and secure, as well as any third parties involved
  • Exchange details and take notes: if a third party was involved, you’ll need to exchange details, including your car insurance policy numbers. You should also make a note of any other relevant details, such as time, location, and weather conditions, and take pictures of any damage
  • Contact LV as soon as possible: you can call 0330 678 5550 (from the UK) or +44 1689 898603 (from outside the UK) to make a claim. Even if you don’t want to make a claim, you should inform LV of the incident, otherwise you may invalidate your insurance
  • LV will decide the next steps: once you’ve told LV about the incident and what type of claim you want to make, the provider will inform you of the next steps

How to cancel LV car insurance

You will need to contact LV to cancel your car insurance. You can call the provider on 0330 678 5111.

When cancelling, you’ll have to pay the following fees:

Cancellation periodFee
Within 14 days of your policy start date£0
After 14 days, or if LV needs to cancel your policy£40

If you need to contact LV about anything that isn’t a claim, you can do so via the following:

  • Live chat
  • Phone: 0330 678 5222

Both options are available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday; 9am to 5pm on Saturdays and Bank Holidays; and 10am to 4pm on Sundays.

If you want to make a complaint, meanwhile, you can:

  • Phone: 0330 678 5111 (sales and service complaints) or 0330 678 5578 (claims complaints)
  • Email (for sales and service complaints) or (for claims complaints)

LV car insurance customer reviews

LV has an ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating of 4.5 out of five, based on more than 68,400 reviews.

It’s important to note, however, that these reviews are for the LV brand as a whole, and not just its car insurance products.

Of its five-star reviews – which make up 80 per cent of its total ratings – the ones that mention car insurance praise LV for the simplicity of its sign-up process, the competitive nature of its quotes for new customers, and the clarity of its policy documents. There was further praise for its customer service, and the manner in which it deals with claims.

However, as is the case for most car insurance providers at the moment, Trustpilot is full of customers complaining about how much more expensive their car insurance renewal quote is.

LV car insurance review | The Independent (1)

“LV car insurance provides me with the cover I was searching for at a reasonable price. The policy documents are easy to understand and the forms for the quotation simple to complete. Very happy with my choice so far.”

“An insurance company that you believe has your best interests in mind. Even writing that doesn’t seem plausible, but I really can’t fault the service I’ve had from LV over the last two years. In August 2022, I was involved in a collision where the other driver made off. From reporting the incident to getting my car back was faultless. Before the end of the very first call made, I had confirmation of a hire car. Within 12 hours, an approved LV repairer contacted me to make arrangements to collect my car. Everything was on point. My premium has increased this year, I think we all have to accept this for a number of factors. But it hasn’t increased dramatically, and for that I am pleased. Thanks LV, keep up the good work.”

“Just had a 56.1 per cent car insurance premium increase. No changes from previous years, no increased risk profile. Called to discuss. Spoke to two people who have clearly been briefed to be ‘deadpan’ and unresponsive to discussing sensible price readjustment. I actually had confidence in LV but alas I have moved to what seems better terms all round. Would not have minded a 10 to 15 per cent increase given inflation, but this is just greedy – the standard blurb being ‘costs have gone up’.”

What Defaqto rating does LV car insurance have?

On top of its ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating, LV also has the following review scores on Defaqto:

  • Third party, fire and theft: ★★★
  • Comprehensive: ★★★★★

How does LV compare to its competitors?

Provider nameTrustpilot scoreDefaqto score
LV4.5 stars5 stars (3 stars for Third party, fire and theft)
Direct Line3.7 stars5 stars (3 stars for Third party, fire and theft and Essentials)
People’s Choice1.4 stars5 stars (4 stars for third party, fire and theft)
Hastings Direct4.1 stars5 stars (4 stars for Third party, fire and theft, 3 stars for Telematics, 2 stars for Essential)
Admiral Insurance4.4 stars5 stars (4 stars for Telematics, 3 stars for Essential)
Aviva4.0 stars5 stars (3 stars for Third party, fire and theft)
AXA4.3 stars4 stars (5 stars for Plus)
esure3.1 stars5 stars (4 stars for Third party, fire and theft)
Ageas4.1 stars5 stars (3 stars for Essentials, and Telematics)
NFU Mutual4.4 stars5 stars


There’s not a huge amount of choice when it comes to LV car insurance. Yet, with a five-star rating for its comprehensive cover from Defaqto, and the best Trustpilot score of the UK’s biggest providers, this simplicity has potentially worked in its favour.

This relatively limited array of polices does mean, however, that none come with benefits such as breakdown cover or motor legal protection as standard. They can only be added as optional extras.

You can also receive a 10 per cent discount if you combine your car insurance with LV home insurance, and a 12.5 per cent discount per vehicle with its multi-car policy.

Frequently asked questions about LV car insurance

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Let's delve into the concepts used in the article:

  1. LV Overview:

    • LV, stylized as LV=, has been offering insurance for close to two centuries.
    • Provides third party, fire and theft, and comprehensive car insurance.
    • Offers a range of insurance products, including travel, pet, and home insurance.
    • Provides discounts for bundling home and car insurance.
  2. Car Insurance Cover Offered by LV:

    • Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover:

      • Coverage for injuries to other people.
      • Damage to other people's property.
      • Fire damage coverage.
      • Theft coverage.
      • Coverage for manufacturer-fitted and aftermarket in-car equipment.
      • European cover for driving up to 180 days.
      • Ability to drive other cars with third party cover (if eligible).
    • Comprehensive Cover:

      • All features of third party, fire and theft cover.
      • Accidental damage to your car.
      • New car replacement for cars less than 12 months old.
      • Medical expenses coverage.
      • Personal accident cover.
      • Coverage for road rage and aggravated theft incidents.
      • Misfuelling coverage.
      • Windscreen repair coverage.
      • Coverage for personal belongings.
      • Onward travel coverage.
      • Key cover.
      • Uninsured driver promise.
      • Vandalism promise.
  3. Other LV Car Insurance Policies:

    • Multi-car insurance offering a 12.5% discount for each added vehicle.
    • Electric car insurance with specific coverage for electric vehicles.
    • Learner driver insurance as an add-on to existing policies.
  4. Comparison of LV Car Insurance Policies:

    • Comparison of features between third party, fire and theft, and comprehensive policies.
    • Breakdown of optional extras, such as motor legal protection, hire car cover, personal accident cover extension, breakdown cover, and protected no-claims bonus.
  5. How to Claim with LV Car Insurance:

    • Steps for making a car insurance claim, including ensuring safety, exchanging details, and contacting LV.
    • Information about LV's decision-making process after a claim is reported.
  6. How to Cancel LV Car Insurance:

    • Procedure for canceling car insurance with associated fees.
  7. LV Car Insurance Optional Extras:

    • Detailed information on optional extras like motor legal protection, guaranteed hire car cover, extended personal accident cover, breakdown cover, and protected no-claims discount.
  8. LV Car Insurance Customer Reviews:

    • Trustpilot rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on over 68,400 reviews.
    • Positive feedback on simplicity, competitive quotes, policy clarity, and customer service.
    • Some negative reviews expressing concerns about renewal quotes.
  9. Defaqto Rating for LV Car Insurance:

    • Defaqto ratings of three stars for third party, fire and theft, and five stars for comprehensive cover.
  10. Comparison with Competitors:

    • Trustpilot and Defaqto scores compared with competitors like Direct Line, People's Choice, Hastings Direct, Admiral Insurance, Aviva, AXA, esure, Ageas, and NFU Mutual.
  11. Conclusion:

    • Summary of LV's position in the market, simplicity in policy offerings, and customer benefits.
    • Mention of discounts for combining car and home insurance and multi-car policies.
  12. FAQs about LV Car Insurance:

    • Additional information addressing common questions about LV car insurance.

In conclusion, my in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry allows me to provide a comprehensive analysis of the LV car insurance article, ensuring a thorough understanding of the products, policies, and customer experiences discussed.

LV car insurance review | The Independent (2024)


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