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Deck Builder Richmond

Deck Builder Richmond Va

Adding a deck to your home gives you a great outdoor space for entertaining, cooking, or relaxing. A wooden deck increases your property value, too. LHC Services has been building decks in the Richmond, Virginia area, including Midlothian, Chesterfield, and Powhatan for almost 23 years, and we’re proud of the creative, quality decks we’ve installed.

Getting the right deck built for our customers requires experience and expertise. We’re known for designing decks in a variety of styles for a range of budgets. Whether you are looking to – build a new wood deck, composite deck or vinyl deck – LHC Services has you covered. contact the LHC Services team today to talk about the deck that’s right for you!

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Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (2)

Deck Design and Build by LHC Services

A team of professionals from LHC Services designs and builds decks at the best prices. We’re deck specialists who have been serving for 23 years. Creating beautiful outdoor living spaces would need an experienced and skilled handyman. We use top-quality materials and deploy highly skilled crews to build decks. Designing and building a deck with us, you will rest assured that your deck will be more functional, strong, and beautiful.

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Trust the #1 Deck Builder Richmond Va has to Offer

Among other deck builders, we’re less expensive and genuinely love installing decks anywhere in Richmond. Deck builders come and go, but we have been adding decks home after home since 2000. From deck drawing to obtaining approval from the local authorities, we do everything professionally and with the right process that transforms your home into the most enjoyable place.

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Richmond's Superior Deck Builder - "Decking Is Our Work"

Decking is our passion. We love building decks with the finest materials and options possible. As part of our daily job, we built, repaired and replaced old decks over 2000+ in the Richmond area. We have hundreds of happy customers. 100% customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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Licensed and Insured

We offer deck installation and deck renovation at an affordable price. Unlike other deck builders, LHC Services is a licensed and insured contractor. We build custom decks that reflect your lifestyle. We never build decks that damage your home beautification. We’re a fully equipped and highly recommended deck builder by Richmond homeowners.

Deck Replacement Richmond Va

Is your deck too old or partially damaged? Do you want to replace your existing deck with the latest materials? We would be happy to help you with this project. We replaced existing decks for many homes in Richmond VA. Total replacement of the existing deck with LHC Services will be attractive as well as cost-effective.

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Schedule Your Deck Project Consultation

If you are not sure what are the suitable options for your deck addition, please give us a call today

Deck Repair & Staining Services

If your deck is looking worn and in need of a little extra care, our professional deck staining services are the solution. LHC Services is your reliable Richmond outdoor living contractor, we offer professional deck staining and refinishing services that are certain to renew the quality of your outdoor decks.

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Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (7)

Why Choose LHC Services to Build Your Deck?

In Richmond, there are many deck building companies. To be honest, some of them are quite good. They have some of the most efficient and skilled people who have years of experience in this industry. So why choose us? Why choose LHC Services? What can we offer? Well, let’s talk about it.

Experienced & Professional

Transformation of a home would require an experienced and professional crew. Our company has plenty of experience building decks, and all of guys staff are very professional.

Fair Pricing

No over charge, no hidden charge. Building a stunning deck with a fair price is the strongest aspect of our company. To be honest, we’re highly recommended for fair pricing.

High-Quality Materials

We have some authentic sources for quality deck building materials. We come up with a variety of options that are suitable for your deck project.


We are responsive and available for our customers. Just call us, we’ll answer your question.

Meet Deadline

We always complete our projects on-time as contacted. LHC Services has a good reputation for finishing the job even before the deadline.

Customer Satisfaction

Our primary goal is to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the work. We have impressive customer reviews. If any unexpected issues arrive we solve it immediately.

Deck Addition by LHC Services

Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (8)
Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (9)
Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (10)
Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (11)
Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (12)
Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (13)
Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (14)
Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (15)
Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (16)
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How LHC Services Design and Build Decks

If you plan to entertain, we’ll find out whether you have large events or more intimate gatherings. Do you like to grill? We’ll explore adding an outdoor kitchen area. Maybe your family likes to garden or to cozy up to a fire on a chilly evening. All these interests will be considered in the design.

We want to ensure you have enough space for your activities and plenty of room to navigate around your deck. We’ll ask you about the amount, size, type and placement of furniture you envision for the area.

Whether you pay a contractor for maintenance or prefer the DIY approach, a wooden deck requires annual pressure-washing and sealing. Lower maintenance materials like wood composites or PVC are available to keep your deck in excellent condition with less work.

Usually, a large deck will be around 20 percent of your home’s square footage, but we can create bigger spaces that don’t overwhelm your house. Curves and angles can be incorporated for unique visual appeal.

We’ll review your property and discuss deck placement that will provide beautiful focal points from inside the house and from the deck. Planning can avoid sunset glares or encourage your guests to turn toward a great view.

Some customers like their deck to be a natural extension of their house, while others want the deck to stand out as a separate space. If you want your deck to include access to your yard, we recommend a transitional stairway or walkway made of concrete as complementary material.

Some deck designs are flat with no skirting railings or overhead rails, while others include multiple elements for visual impact. With raised decks, we recommend decorative skirting or, to make use of the space under the deck, the installation of a concrete patio.

Richmond areaweatheris generally mild, but when July’s 90-degree days arrive, you may enjoy a little shade on your deck. We’ll discuss options such as a pergola, privacy screens, or vertical gardens and incorporate your choices into our design.

Decks Richmond Va



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What Our Clients Say About Us

It's always a joy to hear that the work we do has positive reviews

Google Reviews

Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (24)Brenda Roberts Moosa

06:08 14 Feb 22

Lee and his employees were very professional. They worked from 8am-5pm and showed up on time every day. They were courteous and cleaned up the job site upon completion. Lee was flexible in meeting our requests and he exceeded our expectations.

Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (25)D U

04:40 13 Feb 22

I could not be happier with the work Lee Peck and team provided. The stamped concrete patio & covered composite Front porch will be something our family can enjoy for years to come. I have already had a number of compliments from neighbors wanting to know what company I used. I would highly recommend LHC Services to anyone looking for quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (26)Lofa Alexander

12:45 10 Jan 22

First off, they had the best price of all my estimates. Second, the communication was amazing. Lee always kept me informed and updated on the progress of the work. Third, they were respectful to my property and didn't damage my Epoxy floors. Finally, their work is beautiful. I had stone front added to my outdoor fireplace and added a wood mantle and granite hearth. See before and after.

Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (27)Lesy Zamaz

02:22 08 Jan 22

Lee and his team exceeded our expectations! They are professional, easy to do business with and completed the project on a tight timeline. We were kept well informed through out the whole process, my family and I love our new addition to our home and are enjoying our outdoor space! I would highly recommend LHS Services and look forward to working with them again.

Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (28)Lesley J. Borg

02:43 30 Dec 21

LHS Services was fantastic from start to finish. Lee and crew were professional and polite. The job was completed as asked with no mess left behind. It's hard to find good help. This company pleases the customer and I highly recommend LHS Services to anyone looking for a trustworthy company.

Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (29)Frank Newm

18:13 28 Dec 21

LHS Services was incredible. The team was kind and professional. The task was finished exactly as requested, and they left no mess behind. It's difficult to locate good helpers. This business values customer satisfaction.

Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (30)Jan Bowen

06:54 19 Dec 21

Lee and his crew did an outstanding job on my patio the picture says it all! They were fast proffesional and cleaned up after themsalves once they where finished. Thank you guys for your hard work!

Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (31)william A

21:43 11 Sep 21

We had a 20 year old deck that had seen better days. I contacted Lee and he came over and we discussed replacing the deck with a screened in deck. Lee promptly provided a quote that was in the range of our budget and we moved forward. Lee’s Team and subs he used did a great job. From tear down to final product the team did high quality work throughout. As I write this review I am enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon in my finished screened in deck and loving it! I highly recommend Lee for your project.


We needed our garage stairs remodeled to give us more space in our garage so we contacted Lee Pack of LHC.He did a fantastic job. He was fast, efficient, and gave us a good price.He even was able to use some of the materials from our original stairs to save us money!

J Lamar

We were beyond impressed with LHC! I contacted 6 other contractors before deciding on them.The first thing that struck me was Lee Peck's level of professionalism and knowledge.He and his crew were able to build a deck in a week. His prices were much lower than the competition,and the quality far exceeded my expectations. We have received so many compliments!We will definitely use this company in the future.

Ryan Massa

Lee and his crew did a great a job with a tricky deck installation. Great prices and passed all my HOA requirements.Lots of compliments from my neighbors. Will be calling him back for our fence needs!

Jay M

LHC Services was great. I was a bit skeptical at first. But after working with them, all of my skepticism was gone. In Short Pump area, LHC Services is probably the best (At least from my point of view). All thanks must go to Lee and his crew. I wanted a concrete patio and they made a beautiful one. My neighbors loved it. But most importantly, my wife loved it. And we all know, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

Anthony Deluca

I don’t know about others but they did a pretty good job with my project. I live in Midlothian and I wanted to build a concrete basketball court for me and my son. But we had very little space to offer, and I wasn’t sure whether I should hire a contractor or not. If the people I hired weren’t professionals, they could have messed it up. But hands down, they did a good job.

Daniel King

“PROFESSIONAL”- If I had to describe LHC Services in a single word, then this would be it. Lee had a great team and I was really impressed with their professionalism and sincerity. Man, they just knew what needed to be done. I was looking for a concrete contractor like this in Richmond and I will recommend LHC SERVICES to my friends without thinking twice.

Curtis K Walker

Overall speaking, they did a pretty good job. I was impressed by their approach. I wasn’t sure whether I should build a garage or not because I did not know anything about building a garage. This is where I am really grateful to LHC Services because no matter what kind of questions I had on my mind, they answered all of my questions with patience.


Well, to be honest, I didn’t really know anything about LHC. As I needed a garage desperately, one of my friends advised me to hire these LHC folks and I wasn’t disappointed. They were sincere about their job and I am extremely happy with the garage.


Extremely impressed with the LHC guys. Just loved the way they went about their job. The company has some of the best people for the job and I was lucky enough to pick them. They did not do too much on the first day. They just asked some basic questions. The next day they just started working in full swing and finished the job even before the deadline.


Before contacting LHC Services, I contacted other contractors in Richmond. But sadly none of them could live up to my expectation. They couldn’t answer some of the simplest of questions regarding garage building. I almost gave up. But after contacting LHC Services, I changed my mind and I don’t regret it.


My wife and I needed a garage and LHC Services delivered it. My wife and I were a bit skeptical at first but after talking to them, all of our doubts were gone. We just knew that they were perfect for this job. They just knew what to do and they did not disappoint us.


LHC Services is the best, period. The main thing that compels me to recommend LHC Services is the fact that most of the employees here are so experienced and building a garage is just a cake to them.




Deck Builder Richmond Va | 5-Star Rated Contractor (2024)


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