8 Best Drop 8 Bats For 2023 [With Real Reviews] (2024)

So your ballplayer is starting to get more serious about the game. Pitchers are getting better. Defenses are more reliable. And now he is forced to bring his best game with him each time he steps onto the diamond. This means it’s even more important that his baseball bat is able to keep up with the demands of his competition. To help you shop for your next baseball bat, we have compiled a list of the 8 best drop 8 youth baseball bats. We have included our picks forUSSSA Baseball bats along withUSA Baseball bats. Let's dive in.

Best Drop 8 Bats

Keep in mind that the best baseball bat for one player may not be the best bat for another. Multiple factors go into determining the perfect bat for any one specific hitter. We have simply picked out the bats that are providing the best results and bat reviews for our verified customers. If you have any questions regarding baseball bats, please reach out to our Bat Experts. They can be reached at 866-321-2287, emailexperts@justbats.com,or you can click here to live chat. We love nothing more than discussing bats! And without further ado, here are the eight (8) best drop 8 bats for 2024 based on real conversations, reviews, and sales.

Best Drop 8 USSSA Baseball Bats

USSSA Baseball, or “Travel Ball,” is a really fun brand of baseball to both watch and play. Pitchers throw harder and more accurately. As a result, hitters need a bat they can comfortably control through all parts of the hitting zone. Most drop 8 USSSA baseball bats are balanced bats. However, popular models like the Marucci CATX Connect & the Victus Nox 2 are end-loaded drop 8 USSSA baseball bats. But did they make our list? Take a look now to find out.

Easton Hype Comp -8 USSSA Baseball Bat

Easton continues to churn out elite baseball bats. The 2024 Easton Hype Comp delivers in all aspects. The barrel provides excellent plate coverage (while looking super sick at the same time.) The fully-composite profile delivers one of the best feeling swings on the market, and the performance on contact is second to none. As far as drop 8 USSSA bats are concerned, the Easton Hype Comp is one of the best.

Easton Hype Comp Bat Review

PROS: This bat has been great for my 11y/o son. His confidence is through the roof with the way he’s been hitting with this bat. I moved him up to a 31” -8 & he didn’t skip a beat. Out of the wrapper, he was hitting balls in BP about 220ft. Now that we’ve had this bat for over a month now, he’s hitting balls OVER 250ft. It’s insane how much pop this bat has. Easton is definitely doing something right!

CONS: It’s so hard to think of one, but I can see it being a bit top-heavy for some kids. But it works for my son’s swing.

Marucci CATX Composite -8 USSSA Baseball Bat

Hitters cannot get enough of the Marucci CATX series. Whether they are picking up a bat for the first time or entering their senior year in college, the Marucci CATX is beloved by hitters of all ages. Looking at the drop 8 version, we tend to lean towards the fully composite model. The sweet spot is vast, and the swing weight is perfect. Hitters ranging in age between 10-14 can fully maximize their swing with the 2024 Marucci CATX Composite.

Marucci CATX Composite Bat Review

PROS: My son likes the knob and grip better than the Cat9. Definitely has the pop and he says the bat has a balanced feel. Had it for about a month and loves it.

CONS: It’s a little pricey

Axe Avenge Pro -8 USSSA Baseball Bat

The Axe Avenge Pro might just be the hottest drop 8 USSSA bat in 2024. The fortified composite barrel walls generate an addicting trampoline feeling on contact, while the ergonomic handle design gives complete control to any hitter. Keep in mind that it may feel slightly end-loaded to some, but if you are able to square up pitches with consistency, you are sure to reap the power benefits.

Axe Avenge Pro Bat Review

PROS: Big barrel, lot of pop, love the design. This is our 4th AXE bat and this one is fire. Used it in a tourney out the wrapper and hit 5 homeruns and multiple hits in the first 10 days. Love AXE!!

CONS: None other than the cost. But my kids confidence is priceless!

Louisville Slugger Meta -8 USSSA Baseball Bat

Where do we begin? The Louisville Slugger Meta is still one of the most popular bats in baseball. Starting with the hard-to-miss EKO barrel, hitters will be flush with confidence any time they step into the box. The composite profile mitigates vibrations while growing hotter and hotter with time. Coaches love the size of the sweet spot, and hitters love the feel on contact. Anyone looking for a new drop 8 USSSA Baseball bat and willing to invest in a steeper price tag should (without a doubt) think about the 2024 Louisville Slugger Meta for their next bat.

Louisville Slugger Meta Bat Review

PROS: Great balance. Swings great. Beautiful color.

CONS: None yet


Best Drop 8 USA Baseball Bats

Is there any more pure sporting event than the Little League World Series? Did you know that USA Baseball is the governing body that oversees all Little League Baseball? Most “home leagues” abide by USA Baseball rules. That means that most home leagues require hitters to swing USA Baseball bats. To help you shop for your next USA Bat, we’ve taken the time to break down our picks of the best drop 8 USA Baseball bats to swing in 2024.

Marucci CAT -8 USA Baseball Bat

Much like we talked about before, everyone seems to love Marucci Cats. They deliver consistency with every swing. However, this CAT is a little different from the one we previously talked about. The Marucci CAT USA Baseball bat is a one-piece aluminum alloy bat that requires no break-in period. It will provide a traditional *ping* on contact and offers a sweet spot larger than most other alloys on the market. The best feature of the CAT USA is its swing weight. It is ultra-balanced and will help younger players comfortably transition from swinging a drop-10 or drop-11.

Marucci CAT USA Bat Review

PROS: Son plays 10U and upgraded from his old [bat] a few weeks ago to the Cat 31" -8 and what a difference! He's hitting the ball harder and further without the vibration the other bat had. Cat sounds really good with a nice ping!

CONS: None

Axe Strato -8 USA Baseball Bat

This Axe Bat is one of the best drop 8 USA Baseball bats you will find in 2024. The Strato features a slightly end-loaded swing weight to optimize hitters’ power potential. But the barrel doesn’t drag through the zone because of its lightweight end cap. Instead, it feels like it actually whips through, giving hitters more confidence to attack their pitches. Lastly, the one-piece alloy design provides a stiff feel to generate high exit velocities with each swing. For those of you looking for a new drop 8 USA Bat that will generate more power, you have to consider the 2024 Axe Strato.

Axe Strato USA Bat Review

PROS: Son hit several home runs in little league with this bat. Durable.

CONS: Geared for a power hitter with good swing. Sweet spot is smaller than a composite bat.

Easton ADV 360 -8 USA Baseball Bat

This Easton ADV 360 is the best drop 8 fully composite USA baseball bat in 2024. It’s blessed with a smooth feel on contact and effortless balanced swing weight. Hitters love the size of the sweet spot (nearly the length of the barrel), and the unique Power Boost Knob provides additional leverage on contact. We recommend about 100-200 hits on the barrel to break it in, but once you’ve done that, you are set for the season. Pick up the Easton ADV 360 now at JustBats and receive free shipping on your next purchase.

Louisville Slugger Prime Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat

We often field the question, what is the best wood bat to swing in USA Baseball? In 2024, the Louisville Slugger Prime Maple youth series is arguably the best option for youth wood bats. This model is made to replicate MLB All-Star, Vladimir Guerrero Jr.'s pro-model bats. It features a VG27 turn model, which creates a long barrel profile and a balanced swing weight. The pro maple wood used to create this bat is incredibly durable and can hold up to many of the game's most rigorous moments. Whether you are looking for a youth batting practice bat or one to swing in USA Baseball games, the Louisville Slugger Prime Maple series is certainly worth the price.


There you have it!If you have any questions regarding your next bat purchase, be sure to contact our team of Bat Experts. You can reach us at 866-321-2287, emailexperts@justbats.com, orclick here to live chat. Also, we’ll be sure to continue to update this list as new drop 8 bats are released, so be sure to check back. As always, we’re JustBats, and we’re with you from Click to Hit!

8 Best Drop 8 Bats For 2023 [With Real Reviews] (2024)


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